Terms of Subscriber Use of PagePilot Content

Unless derived from an identified public source, you cannot remove any content from PagePilot that you did not bring to it. The copyright terms linked through the bottom of all PagePilot templates states this. Since copyright is not required by law to be stated following all unique works to be in effect, we display it in this way to allow the public illusion that our subscriber's site is completely his own, when the truth is, due to the amount of content we make available, most of our subscribers bring very little into our system. Our copyright notice is written to identify and protect the separate interests of both Online-Access and our customer.

However, as a courtesy to our customers while still protecting our interests, Online-Access has developed the following policy to accommodate subscribers wanting to use our copyrighted content (text or pictures) in marketing efforts beyond our PagePilot website.
1) Use is limited to being displayed on the Internet where Online-Access has the ability to monitor its use. It cannot be used in print, broadcast or any other media.
2) Online-Access' copyright must be displayed on each page where our content is used (© Online-Access.com). This requirement applies even if our content has been broken up and used in identifiable pieces (e.g., three sentences here, a paragraph there)* 
3) Subscriber must identify to Online-Access where it wants to use the content and Online-Access must provide written notice authorizing the use of its content.
4) Permission to use Online-Access content will end when or if the user is no longer a PagePilot subscriber.
Copyright law provides that when a relationship to the source of claimed content can be established, even if minor revisions are made, copyright can be enforced on the basis of substantial similarity to the original work. (*see U.S. Dept. of State definitions of 'copying' and 'substantial similarity' Intellectual Property Terms) If you need to review a master template of all content provided through PagePilot click here.
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